Reduced l-glutathione (GSH): The active form of glutathione.

Purified Water

Lecithin: Lecithin is important to every living cell in the body. The liposomes in this product are derived from lecithin. The lecithin is derived from oil, not protein, extracted from soy. Soy allergens, if present in lecithin, would be found in the protein fraction, not the oil fraction used in LipoCeutical reduced glutathione. The possibility of allergic reaction to this product is low. Lecithin is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for human consumption with the "GRAS" (Generally Recognized as Safe) status.

Glycerin: Also known as glycerol, glycerin is used as a sweetener and as a preservative. Glycerol is a normal product of fat metabolism and is readily converted to glucose for metabolism. When the body uses stored fat as a source of energy, glycerol is released into the bloodstream. The glycerin used in LipoCeutical Glutathione is derived from palm fruit oil. It is on the US Food and Drug Administration list of ingredients that are GRAS. Glycerin is used in toothpaste, mouthwash and cough syrups.

Potassium Sorbate: Potassium sorbate is used to prevent yeast and mold growth. It is extremely safe and is also used to preserve cheese, wine and baked goods. It is metabolized in the body to water and carbon dioxide. The potassium sorbate in this product is less than a quarter of a percent (0.25%). Potassium sorbate is designated GRAS.

Why does this product smell like sulfur?
Glutathione has a sulfur molecule. Sulfur is the reason glutathione is so good at binding toxins. The liposomes actually help contain the aroma. Before you open the bottle, shake it, and do so before each use.
Why did you choose not to use sodium benzoate (a preservative) in your product?
In Europe especially, sodium benzoate has been studied thoroughly and with concern. In May, 2007, new calls were made to remove the preservative from products in the UK. We have chosen to use potassium sorbate.
What is the best time to take it? And how?
We recommend you start taking it in the morning before you eat breakfast. Many people add a second serving in the afternoon before dinner. Some people take it "straight". Others prefer to mix it in a liquid, with orange juice being the most popular choice. Wait 20 minutes before eating.
Does this product contain soy and is it non-GMO?
Yes it is non-GMO. The liposomes are made of lecithin which is derived from oil which is extracted from non-gmo soy. There is a small, but possible chance of immune reaction. People with acute reactions to soy should be cautious using this product.
What is the source of the glycerin used in the product?
The glycerin is derived from palm fruit oil. There are studies that suggest that palm fruit oil increases the good HDL cholesterol levels while having a neutral to beneficial effect on the bad LDL cholesterol levels.
Does LipoCeutical reduced glutathione contain animal products?
There are no animal products in LipoCeutical® reduced glutathione.
Are there any side effects?
We have no reports of serious side effects. Some people are extremely sensitive to any new substance that is introduced to their system. We recommend that these people start with a small serving and work up to a larger one.
How should I store it?
LipoCeutical® glutathione should be stored in the refrigerator whenever possible.
Can I use LipoCeutical reduced glutathione in a nebulizer?
No. This product is only intended to be taken orally.
How can my physician get information about this product?
Your physician can contact us at [email protected] or on the Contact page.


Liposomes are small spheres (100-500 nanometer size), or liquid bubbles, made from Essential Phospholipids (EPL). EPL are natural components of human and animal cell membranes. A continuous supply of EPL, or its constituents, is essential for cell maintenance.

In its simplest form, the outer portion of the liposome is fat soluble and the inner portion is water soluble. This makes liposomes ideal for carrying water soluble materials into the body.